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Art Laffer says a $15 minimum wage would be extremely damaging to the poor

Policy and Government

Art Laffer says a $15 minimum wage would be extremely damaging to the poor.

At the Independent Institute, Conor Norris rips the use of central planning in the current vaccine rollout.

Monetary Policy

At Bloomberg, Enda Curran and Chris Anstey warn of inflated asset bubbles caused by central banks generating too much cheap money during the pandemic.

At National Review, Alexander William Salter reminds us that the Federal Reserve does not actually set interest rates.


At National Review, David Harsanyi warns that Biden wants to end fracking.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Amelia Janaskie, Jenin Younes, and Taleed Brown offer us interviews with three individuals whose lives have been radically disrupted by pandemic restrictions.

At the Cato Institute, Matthew Feeney and Rachel Chiu critique the Biden administration’s proposals for regulating the gig economy.


At The Hill, Richard Vedder, Tom Lindsay, and Andrew Gillen make the case that universal student debt forgiveness would be nothing more than a windfall for the wealthy.

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