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CNN Sticks By its Vaccination Hoax Story

Unleash Prosperity Hotline 
Issue #207
2) CNN Sticks By its Vaccination Hoax Story

Amazing. CNN is sticking with its fake story about the Trump administration having no vaccination plan. And their source is no longer anonymous — it’s Biden senior adviser Cedric Richmond. MJ Lee — the reporter who wrote the original debunked story — tweeted her source’s coming out clip:

Trump’s alleged non-plan is vaxing a million doses a day — which is Biden’s supposedly ambitious goal. And competent states with good age-based distribution plans are moving very quickly. Florida has already vaccinated (at least one dose) 21% of its enormous 4.5 million seniors. West Virginia and Mississippi are also around 20% of seniors. Alaska has vaccinated over 35% of its age 70+ population, while Indiana is over 30% and Louisiana is over 25%. 

Our tracker is here:

Admittedly, there have been screw-ups by some governors – most notably, Cuomo. But Trump’s Operation Warp Speed worked because it got government out of the way. We doubt central planning in Washington will speed things up.
3) NYT Admits that School Closings Have Been Catastrophic for Kids

The New York Times is finally waking up to the devastating mental health crisis created by the school closures stoked by its own false reporting all summer long, with a story on child suicides surging in a closed school district.

Of course, they don’t mention that the science was already clear that schools should be open when President Trump called for school openings and negative partisanship snapped the media and other Democrats into lockstep anti-school advocacy.

But we aren’t going to let anyone forget how the Times hyped every half-baked, distorted claim about children. Most infamously when they distorted a Korean government report to falsely claim children were highly infectious and the reporter did a victory dance on Twitter:

(Her own kids went to school, of course.)

We’re 10 months into this now. Nobody can plead ignorance. Every day you lock children out of school, you are choosing to harm them. It’s willful. 

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