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Art Laffer says the market is looking forward to an era of non-extreme economic policies

Policy and Government

At Fox Business, Art Laffer says the market is looking forward to an era of non-extreme economic policies.

On Fox News, Phil Kerpen says people are sick of lockdowns.

Per Reason, the Supreme Court has voted 5-4 to block Andrew Cuomo’s restrictions on religious activities in New York.

At the Washington Examiner, Dan Hannan argues in favor of the United States re-entering the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.

At Politico, Ben White and Megan Cassella report that Biden’s likely selection of Brian Deese as a top economic advisor is creating discontent among leftists.


Per Reuters, the dollar has reached a more-than-two-year low.

At the Cato Institute, James A. Dorn makes the case for rules-based monetary policy.


At CNBC, Darla Mercado details how the proliferation of telecommuting during the pandemic could lead to higher tax bills for many come next year.

At The Hill, Kristin Tate details how a new wealth tax in San Francisco could fuel an exodus from the city.


Politico reports the far-left could clash with Biden’s Treasury pick.

Washington Examiner reports conservatives are satisfied with Yellen.

TBT: Nathan Lewis exalts the “Yellen Gold Standard.”


At the Financial Times, Tom Braithwaite details how the federal government’s War on Tech has had a “chilling effect on deals.”

Image Credit: Mike Cohen

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