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Bad News for Progressives: It’s Still a Conservative Country

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Issue #169
1) Bad News for Progressives: It’s Still a Conservative Country

Virtually all of the votes have now been counted and so it is official: the big blue wave the media and the Dems were promising a few weeks before the election turned instead into a big red tidal wave – at least in state races. The red tide stretched from coast to coast – in red states and blue states. A BIG factor was the massive Trump turnout on election day which pulled hundreds of Republicans over the goal line riding on his coattails.

-In state races, the GOP cleaned up. Here is the latest tally from our allies at ALEC, the state legislative group.
Republicans gained 192 state House seats
-Republicans gained a net 40 state Senate seats
-Republicans now have legislature control (i.e, majorities in both chambers) in 31 of 50 States, versus 18 for the Dems.   One state, Minnesota is split.
-Republicans flipped 3 legislative chambers: NH (House and Senate) and Alaska House

What is stunning about this story is that Dems and liberal/progressive donors (Bloomberg, Soros, Zuckerberg, et al) poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the states to take over legislatures with unprecedented spending in Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania. ALEC president Lisa Nelson estimates that Democrats outspent Republicans “at least three to one in the states.” And all they got was a lousy Tee shirt.

2021 Republican and Democrat Control in the States map

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