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Arthur Laffer discusses Donald Trump’s success.

3973943927_594d11c5ba_qPolitics and Government

On Fox Business, Arthur Laffer discusses Donald Trump’s success.

At, Steve Forbes writes the circus-like atmosphere of the Speaker race, presidential race, will result in a ‘great good’ for the GOP.

The Organic Tory praises the Committee to Unleash Prosperity’s economic agenda.


From, Steve Forbes explains how Bernanke chose the path that resulted in the feeblest recovery in American history.

At Bloomberg, Luke Kawa says the Phillip’s curve has run into trouble.

In the WSJ, Jon Hilsenrath and Ben Leubsdorf report Fed officials are casting doubt on an interest rate hike this year.


CNN reports that Brookings says the raising taxes on the wealthy would have only a trivial impact on inequality.

Photo Credit: House GOP on Flickr

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