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How Money Walks discusses how Uber and its users are fighting back against big government.

11329778_481932201961115_6351425374272298904_nPolitics and Government

How Money Walks discusses how Uber and its users are fighting back against big government.

In the Washington Times, David Boaz illustrates the divide between pro-market and pro-business policies.


From, John Tamny says on the economy, some conservatives turn Keynesian.

At CNBC, Alex Rosenberg reports a new Fed paper dropped a bombshell:

But what if those ultralow targets aren’t actually stimulative at all? What if, instead, the Fed’s current policies are actually contractionary? That’s the surprising case made by a recent paper from the San Francisco Federal Reserve. “Monetary conditions remain relatively tight despite the near-zero federal funds rate, which in turn is keeping economic activity below potential and inflation below target,” writes economist Vasco Curdia.

At ThePulse2016, Ralph Benko defends Jeb Bush’s open-mindedness toward the gold standard from AEI’s Reformocon James Pethokoukis’s overwrought attack drawing primarily on an attack by Washington Post‘s Neo-Keynesian columnist Matt O’Brien.

From Alt-M, David Beckworth continues the pushback against Bernanke’s triumphalism.


At CNBC, Dan Mangan reports Obamacare enrollment appears to be hitting a wall.

From ATR, Alexander Hendrie says another Obamacare co-op goes bust at huge taxpayer expense.

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