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Arthur Laffer discusses the G-7 summit.

Tech tells us how much data the world economy produces and consumes.


The Washington Post reports that the $20B philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs is redefining effective philanthropy, “equal parts think tank, foundation, venture capital fund, media baron, arts patron and activist hive. Certainly, it was an original creation — and potentially a powerful one. “I’d like us to be a place where great leaders want to come and try to do difficult things,” Powell Jobs told me recently. “I think we bring a lot more to the table than money. … If you want to just be a check writer, you’d run out of money and not solve anything.”

In the LA Times, Sarah Wire covers the immigration showdown.


From Bloomberg, Katia Dmitrieva reports inflation has surged to a six-year high, eroding wage gains.


In the Washington Times, Richard Rubin reports on the real Russian collusion… with US anti-hydraulic fracturing groups to suppress US energy production.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says Google should tell Congress to mind its own business.


Arthur Laffer discusses the G-7 summit.

At the Washington Post, Dana Milbank says we finally have a president with the guts to stand up to Canada.  (Take That, Justin!)

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