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Jon Decker: Anthony Bourdain had it right on immigration

Policy and Government

At The National Pulse, Jon Decker says Anthony Bourdain had it right on immigration when he said “Some, of course, like to claim that Mexicans are stealing American jobs, but in two decades as a chef and employer, I never had one American kid walk in my door and apply for a dishwashing job, a porter’s position or even a job as prep cook.”

The Washington Examiner reports that Rep. Mark Sanford lost his primary.

At Ricochet, John Tamny discusses trade, tariffs, and ‘The End of Work’.

Politico reports that Director Kudlow is expected to return to the White House within a week or two.


On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny mocks the Phillip’s Curve.


The NY Times reports AT&T and Time Warner’s merger has been approved which is widely expected to open the door for a wave of free-market mergers and acquisitions.

In the Daily Signal, Jarrett Stepman says blame California’s leftwing politics for water rationing.

Photo Credit: Peabody Awards

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