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Arthur Laffer does not see a recession in sight.

Policy and Government

On Fox News, Arthur Laffer says he does not see a recession in sight.

From Fox News, Andy Puzder says our booming economy will overcome leftwing misinformation.

John Mauldin, president of Mauldin Economics, writing at¬†¬†predicts “an unprecedented crisis that will lead to the biggest wipeout of wealth in history. “

At Yahoo, Jason Rogers, David Stringer and Martin Ritchie warn of China’s threat to choke off exports of rare earth minerals.

From CNBC, Thomas Franck reports on the panic in the bond market.

On Real Clear Markets, George Pieler & Jens Laurson say no one wins in a U.S. v. China trade war.


On Real Clear Markets, Alfredo Ortiz explains why the Sanders-AOC credit card interest rate cap would hurt those it attempts to help.

At FreedomWorks, Adam Brandon says drug price controls are bad for your health.

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