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Nathan Lewis says tax uniformity was our blueprint for greatness.


Yahoo reports Former Obama Treasury Official Sarah Bloom Raskin says Judy Shelton’s views on gold should not be disqualifying in the race for a Fed Governor seat.

From Bullion Vault, Nathan Lewis makes the case that Austrian economists botched the gold standard.


From, Nathan Lewis says uniformity in taxation was our blueprint for greatness.


The Washington Post enthuses on dark horse presidential aspirant Andrew Yang’s plan to give everyone over 18 $1,000 a month … without mentioning that Yang proposes to fund this with a new value added tax… mostly paid by the middle class and likely costing each middle class worker (at least) $1,000/ a month.


In the Washington Examiner, Tim Worstall says Bernie Sanders and AOC basically want to ban credit cards.


The Visual Capitalist makes vivid the key role of copper to the energy transition the world is undergoing.

From Business Insider, Mekebeb Tesfaye reports Facebook is getting into the cryptocurrency game.

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