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Arthur Laffer: Let’s cut taxes and get the economy moving again.

10199336533_4b99e22952_qPolicy and Government

CATO releases its “Freedom in 50 States” report.

From Inside Sources, Daniel Griswold explains why ditching NAFTA would be a bad deal for America.


From CNBC, Jeff Cox lists the three words of Fedspeak that everyone should keep their eye on.


At Huffington Post, Arthur Laffer says let’s cut taxes and get the economy moving again.


At CNS News, Terence Jeffrey reports U.S. “debt held by public” has increased 122% under Obama.


In the NY Post, Betsy McCaughey writes Obamacare markets have fewer plans, and higher costs.

At Bloomberg, Zachary Tracer reports insurance companies are facing mounting losses due to Obamacare.

Photo Credit: Nagarajan Kanna

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