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Greg Ip explains the unstable economics behind Obamacare.

6793819699_23933ea007_qPolicy and Government

At Newsweek, K. William Watson says tariffs won’t bring jobs back.

From Townhall, Walter Williams defends free trade.

From CNN, Patrick Gillespie discusses a new study showing that Trump’s immigration plan could kill 4 million jobs.


In the WSJ, Chelsey Dulaney and David Harrison believe the dollar’s drop shows signals doubt over a Fed rate increase.

In the WSJ, Paul Vigna writes Fed watchers are flummoxed by the central banks’ mixed messages.

At, Jeffrey Dorfman writes slow economic growth is the problem, not the risk of deflation.

From CNBC, Jeff Cox says Fed minutes show Janet Yellen is keeping the hawks at bay.

At MarketWatch, Greg Robb reports the Fed was split over whether an interest rate hike would be needed soon.


In the WSJ, Greg Ip explains the unstable economics behind Obamacare.

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