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Arthur Laffer: Tariffs would be bad for the U.S.

Policy and Government
Arthur Laffer: Tariffs would be bad for the U.S.
Politico covers the Republican blitz to stop Trump’s tariffs.  More coverage here.

Richard Rahn says Trump’s tariffs are a really bad idea.
EU raises stakes on trade war.
At Reason, Veronique de Rugy presents her prescription for economic growth.
At, John Tamny disputes the notion that we suffer from too much ‘convenience’ in our lives.
At NewsMax, Larry Bell has an exclusive interview with the fabled Joanne King Herring, the woman who precipitated the defeat of the USSR in Afghanistan and America’s victory in the Cold War, laying out precisely how to adapt Supply-Side economics to restore Afghanistan and the Middle East.
Visual Capitalist  tabs 18 cognitive biases: why mental mistakes get made (in in the financial markets as well as in policy and politics). Forewarned is forearmed!
At Project Syndicate, Kenneth Rogoff frets anxiously about the possibility of higher economic growth from AI-induced productivity improvements.
From, Nathan Lewis explains the magic formula for economic prosperity.

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