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Larry Kudlow: Gary Cohn's resignation may be a turn for the worse on trade.

Policy and Government
Larry Kudlow: Gary Cohn’s resignation may be a turn for the worse on trade.
At, Steve Forbes details the real free trade abuse Trump should address.
Exit Cohn: the New York Times shares its bien pensées on Donald Trump’s seeking of perfection.
In The National Pulse, Jon Decker says Trump’s trade war doesn’t put ‘America First’.
At City-Journal, Milton Ezrati encourages President Trump to back down on tariff hikes.
At USA Today, Jill Lawrence warns Republicans are making bad economic choices on tariffs and immigration.
At the New York Times, why investors really hate pensions.
Thomas Friedman at the New York Times meditates on the on the perils and potential of the most important rising supply side leader on the international stage today: MBS.
On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says politicians should pay close attention to Poland’s economy.
Fed Chair Powell wants to keep the party in markets going.
Investor’s Business Daily says a robot is revealing the perils of minimum wage hikes.

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