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Policy and Government

Arthur Laffer: U.S. and China would both lose from a trade war.

Markets tank after Trump announces more tariffs.

On the Greg Gutfeld Show, John Tamny discusses ‘The End of Work’.

In the NY Sun, Seth Lipsky writes Schumer’s gas tirade shows Democrats are out of economic ideas.

From Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says Chick-Fil-A mocks the myth about wage stagnation.


WSJ: Storm clouds gathering above the Fed.

Ronald Storferle and Mark J. Valek in their new annual report, entitled¬†Gold and the Turning of the Monetary Tides¬†observes that “While the Fed is attempting a retreat from monetary accommodation, ‘monetary surrealism’ remains alive and well elsewhere.”


Investor’s Business Daily believes markets are right to be worried about Italy.