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Jon Decker praises John Tamny’s “The End of Work” for showing us why the future of work looks bright. 

Policy and Government

In the National Pulse, Jon Decker praises John Tamny’s “The End of Work” for showing why the future of work looks bright.

The TSS blog’s Editor-in-Chief, Ralph Benko, believes there is far too much civility in politics and offers an antidote:, a “safe space” for the uncivil.  Forum to follow.

Truce Over: President Trump to raise excise taxes (tariffs) by $50 billion on American buyer of imported Chinese goods, triggering financial market jitters.

Investors Business Daily warns that “even if a tit-for-tat tariff fight doesn’t break out, trade tensions are likely to keep building with China and could explode at any time.”

In the WSJ, William Mauldin and Lingling Wei report Beijing was caught off guard by Trump’s tariff announcement.

On Real Clear Markets, Peter Schiff slams President Trump’s trade policies.

From FEE, Barry Brownstein says people are less selfish under capitalism.


LVJR slams the Seattle jobs tax.


From Investor’s Business Daily, Benjamin Powell covers Venezuela’s regression into serfdom.

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