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Biden CDC Descends Further Into Madness

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #336
1) Biden CDC Descends Further Into Madness

The optimistic take is that the White House launched yesterday’s masking circus to distract from the impending collapse of its legislative agenda.

Wherever the mandates came from, it certainly had nothing to do with data or science.

As we mentioned yesterday, masking kids in school is a crime against science and children — so the Biden admin recommends it universally.  This is the new addendum in its entirety:

What new evidence?  They don’t say.  As far as we can tell they haven’t posted anything yet.
But that didn’t stop the political choreography.

Kamala Harris proclaimed DC an “Orange Zone” of “substantial transmission” and handed out masks to the White House press corps, who all immediately donned the tools of ignorance.

The CDC case metrics are completely arbitrary, inappropriately low because they were set before widespread testing, and now irrelevant because the vaccines have decoupled cases from clinical relevance.

What in the world is going on?  Kids are not and never have been at risk, and every adult who wants the vaccine can get it.  There is zero case – nil – for this mandate. 

Our recommendation is for schools and states to ignore CDC recommendations, as they continue to be more wrong than right.
2) Nevada’s Steve Sisolak Is the First to Make CDC’s Remask Mandatory

The first Democratic governor to transform CDC recommendations into a binding dictate was Nevada’s Steve Sisolak, who seems determined to cripple his state’s principal industry — tourism — again.

This is in a now-grand tradition of imposing restrictions after a wave has peaked, which politicians then claim credit for combating. 

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