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Biden Plan: Shut Down 80 percent of American Energy

Unleash Prosperity Hotline 
Issue #210
1) Biden Plan: Shut Down 80 percent of American Energy

Joe Biden’s assaults on American energy are coming in rapid-fire now. The latest this week is a “temporary” moratorium on drilling on federal lands. Many states like New Mexico are rich with energy resources underneath public lands. The unmitigated stupidity of this war on America’s fossil fuels is captured in the chart below which shows that 80% of our energy comes from oil, gas, and coal. Biden wants to go to zero. 

And replace it with what? Bicycles? Less than 5% of our energy comes from wind and solar. Anyone who thinks we are going to power a $20 trillion industrial economy with windmills and solar panels is willfully ignorant. This is a frontal assault on American Prosperity and it must be stopped. Now. 

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