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Make Saudi Arabia Great Again

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #211
1/29/2021, 1/30/2021, 1/31/2021
1) Make Saudi Arabia Great Again
We had heard this statistic – and perhaps you have too — but we didn’t believe it. So we checked the Energy Department official stats and lo, it IS true.

In early January, for the first time in most of our lifetimes, the United States imported a net zero barrels of oil from Saudi Arabia. Zippo! What an amazing testament to Trump’s energy independence agenda and the shale oil and gas revolution that has transformed the American economy. In a good way! Some of us at CTUP remember when the Saudis and OPEC had a blade at our necks with control of the world energy supply.

Enjoy the chart, because, of course, this independence won’t last long. As Joe Biden has told us, we are not allowed to produce oil here in America any longer. The Saudis are smiling.

2) Biden Grants China Access to U.S. Electric Grid

One largely unnoticed Biden Executive Order gives communist China and Russia easier access to the U.S. power grid. Well, at least Biden wants to push “Unity” with someone.

The EO rescinds an order from Trump that prohibited “unrestricted acquisition or use in the United States of the bulk-power system…by foreign adversaries.” It warned that allowing access to nations like China and Russia could allow these nations to “exploit vulnerabilities of the power system…with potentially catastrophic effects.” To say the least. Think about the economic and security risk of a cyber-terrorism attack or power blackouts.  

But of course, Joe Biden doesn’t see China as an “adversary,” so what could possibly go wrong?

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