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Biden’s Electric Kool Aid Acid Test

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #343
08/06/2021, 08/07/2021, 08/08/2021
1) Biden’s Electric Kool Aid Acid Test

Are we the only ones who think there is something off about a president who tells the American people what kind of car they should buy? Biden has declared that 50% of new cars sold in 10 years will be electric. But it’s “non-binding,” thank God. 

For now.

Yes, it makes him look like a goofball, but it’s also a little frightening that there is a whole green army behind him inside and outside the White House that thinks the government has this kind of authority. Anything goes to save the planet, right?

We’ve said many times we have nothing against EVs and some of your editors think they are pretty cool. But we have paid billions upon billions of dollars to build them; the infrastructure bill is going to spend billions more to build 10,000 charging stations so the taxpayers can pay for powering them, and the president is now parading them around the south White House grounds as if he were the chief marketing operator. Maybe he thinks he is: “You see that sucker over there? 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds — it’s all electric!” Biden glowed.

Reality check: There is zero chance that 50% of new cars in 10 years will be electric. As we’ve noted, only 2% of the cars on the road today are Teslas and the like, and about one-in-five who buy one, trade it in, because they don’t like the recharging hassles. Also, Americans have a love affair with the combustion engine.

The only way we get to 50% EV sales is if the government pays for the cars. The way this administration spending money, we wouldn’t put that past them.
2) Even Obama Adviser Steve Rattner Sees The Problem: It’s The Unemployment Bonuses, Stupid

MSNBC viewers were confronted with this stark reality on the Morning Joe program yesterday.  Yes, red states with lower benefits have higher employment rates. 

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