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Republicans For The Green New Deal

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #344
1) Republicans For The Green New Deal
This is one of those “Fredo, you broke my heart moments.”  

We won’t again recite the long litany of truly awful features of this green new deal bill except that with the pandemic crisis over, Republicans should be finding ways to CUT, not ADD $1 trillion to the federal budget and debt. These were the 18 – yes 18 – GOP surrender monkeys who got nothing and still voted yes to invoke cloture (and move the bill through the Senate):
1.) Blunt
2.) Burr
3.) Capito
4.) Cassidy
5.) Collins
6.) Cornyn
7.) Cramer
8.) Crapo 
9.) Fischer
10.) Hoeven
11.) McConnell
12.) Murkowski
13.) Portman
14.) Risch
15.) Romney 
16.) Sullivan
17.) Tillis
18.) Wicker

Congrats to Biden, Schumer, and AOC for their victory.

I know it was you!

2) Sign Of The Apocalypse

The Securities and Exchange Commission, which is supposed to protect against investor fraud, has issued new rules to install quotas for the board of directors of Nasdaq companies. The Wall Street Journal reports that under the new regs Nasdaq-listed firms must meet “minimum targets” of gender and ethnic diversity on their boards.

According to the WSJ: “For most U.S. companies, the target would be to have at least one woman director, as well as a director who self-identifies as a racial minority or as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer.”

No, we are not making this sh*# up!

Apparently, the Nasdaq companies are going to have to get moving in their search to find qualified LGBTQ candidates because WSJ also says that three of four listed firms don’t currently meet the SEC’s gender and sexual identity quotas.

Will SOMEONE please tell us what someone’s sexual identity has to do with their qualifications to direct and make strategic decisions for a multi-billion dollar technology firm?

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