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Biden’s Spending And Borrow Binge Is “For The Children”

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #375
1) Biden’s Spending And Borrow Binge Is “For The Children”

Biden keeps trying to sell his $5,000,000,000,000 social welfare bill as benefiting “the children.” 


Who does he think is going to pay off this spending and debt? Not any of us. We will be dead.

CTUP in partnership with FreedomWorks has calculated how much every child born today would have to pay in higher taxes over the next 30 years if the Biden plan is enacted. 

We will be bequeathing $300,000 of debt repayment to every child born today by 2050 in today’s dollars.

On behalf of my children and yours: gee, thanks, Joe.

Biden Spending Plan Hits Children

2) Chinks In The Armor (Can We Say This?)

Democrats are slowly coming to the realization that this $3.5 trillion pipe dream Budget Buster – may be just that – a pipe dream.

We’ve got them retreating.  

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now privately conceding that her $3.5 trillion wish list is dead. The number will be smaller at the insistence of moderate Democrats in conservative districts. She has also agreed to hold a final vote on the sham infrastructure bill before a vote on the social welfare bill — even though the Bernie wing of the party thinks that could be a death knell for the bigger bill.

But holding the infrastructure bill vote next week will infuriate progressives. They insisted the infrastructure bill be delayed until after their much larger $3.5 trillion Budget Buster Bill passed first.

Meanwhile, House Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal insists her members will vote to kill the infrastructure bill if their larger $3.5 trillion proposal isn’t passed first. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agreed with her. She railed against “a very small destructive group of members who want to hold the entire country’s agenda hostage.”  As of now, eight members of the progressive caucus have gone public as hard ‘no’ votes on the infrastructure bill, making Nancy Pelosi’s job a lot harder.

How much of this squabbling is just for show is not knowable. But what is clear is that voter support for the bill is crumbling and the moderates are trembling. Polls show voters like the Manchin line of a “strategic pause.”  

And so do we.

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