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What’s The Matter With Blue State America?

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #374
1) What’s The Matter With Blue State America?

We know we sound like a broken record, but a year and a half into the pandemic and yet AGAIN the monthly jobs report shows the blue state employment situation is dismal compared to red state America. 

The graph below shows it all. Nine of the 10 states with the lowest unemployment rates and red states. Nine of the 10 states with the highest unemployment are blue states. 

We also like to compare the deep red states (Republican gov, House, and Senate) versus the deep blue states (Democrat gov, House, and Senate). The deep red states (think Florida, Texas, and Utah) have an average unemployment rate more than two percentage points lower than the deep blue states (think New York, Illinois, California, and New Jersey).

It would be one thing if the Democrats shutdown their businesses and kept people from working for more than a year to keep their citizens safe from the virus. But death rates in the blue states and red states are virtually the same now.

Seriously, it is time to start asking whether Democrats are capable of governing.
2) Democrats May Be Splintering On Their Budget Buster

Some inside baseball to report:

Democrats are bogged down in trench warfare between their wacko and their less wacko factions.

Axios reports Senator Joe Manchin is “privately saying he thinks Congress should take a ‘strategic pause’ until 2022” before voting on the Pelosi-Schumer $3.5 trillion Tax & Spend monstrosity. Senator Kyrsten Sinema says she’s adamant that she is a no vote on the $5 trillion Great Society Bill unless the House approves the bloated $1 trillion “infrastructure” bill the Senate passed earlier this year.  

That’s what the moderate Democrats in the House want, and Nancy Pelosi has promised to give them a vote before September 27th. Rep. Kurt Schrader of Oregon – a Democrat who has broken with Pelosi in the past – says he and 10 House Democrats are playing hard ball, and says that “If [Pelosi] delays the infrastructure vote — or it goes down — then I think you can kiss reconciliation goodbye.”

But progressives are demanding that the infrastructure bill not pass unless the $3.5 trillion Budget Busting bill also does at the same time. They are threatening to sink the “infrastructure” bill if they don’t get their way. We are fairly certain they are bluffing, but we hope they aren’t.

Our prediction is that Democrats will pass the sham infrastructure bill soon, and then the Godzilla versus King Kong war within the Democratic party really begins. What is certain is the longer the debate over the reconciliation oinker bill (which could be more than 5,000 pages) goes on, the better the chances of killing it. Just reading the bill on the Senate floor could take up to two weeks!

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