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Blue States Losing Congressional/Electoral Votes After 2020 Census Count

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #252
1) Blue States Losing Congressional/Electoral Votes After 2020 Census Count

A constant theme of these pages is the meltdown of blue state America. Progressivism is inciting a continual outmigration from blue states to red states – at a pace of thousands per day.

Although the official Census tallies from last year are still not finalized (due to COVID) right now it appears that seven or eight seats will change hands from one state to another. The big winner once again will be Texas, with a gain of three seats. Florida could gain two more. Other states that could gain seats include North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, and Oregon. Only Oregon and Colorado are blue states.

New York will again be the big loser with its expected loss of two seats. Amazingly, for the first time EVER, California, which had previously seen massive population gains, could lose a house seat and an electoral vote. (Politicians really have to try to make people LEAVE California.) Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and West Virginia could each lose a seat.

We went back and looked at the trends over the last 50 years. With a few exceptions, like California, the blue states of the northeast and Midwest have been in steady deterioration, and the economically-laissez-faire states of the south and sunbelt are booming.

Progressivism has been a death sentence for states, so why do we want to take these failed policies national?

2) Fact of the Day – Unemployment Is a Blue State Problem

The states like Florida and Texas with a Republican trifecta (control of House, Senate, and governorship) have an average unemployment rate 2.8 percentage points lower than the states with a Democratic trifecta – e.g. California and New York. That is, states with total Democratic control of their state governments have a 62% higher unemployment rate than states with total Republican control. 

So much for progressivism being pro-worker.

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