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Larry Kudlow Calls Biden’s Infrastructure Plan the ‘Largest Expansion of the Welfare State Since the Johnson Administration.’

Policy and Government

At Fox Business, Larry Kudlow calls Biden’s infrastructure plan the ‘largest expansion of the welfare state since the Johnson administration.’ 

At WBAP, Stephen Moore answers the question, how badly does Biden want to wreck the economy?

At Forbes (via YouTube), Steve Forbes asks, where does New York City go from here?

At the Cato Institute, Pierre Lemieux makes the case that under Biden’s economic agenda, liberty and prosperity are in for a rough time.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Jeffrey A. Tucker asks, why is everyone in Texas not dying?

At the Cato Institute, Ryan Bourne analyzes the political economy of essential business designations.

At the Independent Institute, Raymond J. March explains how government cautiousness about the AstraZeneca vaccine is costing lives.


At Fox Business, Kudlow warns that Biden’s tax plan would ignite class warfare.

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