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Brian Domitrovic discusses the American pastime of loathing tariffs.

Policy and Government

From, Brian Domitrovic discusses the American pastime of loathing tariffs.

In The Hill, Niv Ellis says Trump’s tariffs threaten tax cut gains.

At AIER, Jeffrey A. Tucker laments the return of protectionism.

The consistently illuminating Visual Capitalist shows us the 10 richest countries in the world and then the 10 richest per capita. The USA comes in #2, behind our buddies the Australians.

Steve Forbes and Deirdre McCloskey discuss how “The Freedom To Have A Go Leads To Prosperous Societies.”


Sahil Mahtani, in the WSJ, argues that the worlds’ central banks buying more gold last year than at any time since 1971 indicates the dollar “may be knocked off its pedestal.”

In the Washington Post, Felipe Jácome and Chloe Coleman report on the worthlessness of Venezuelan money.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny explains the folly of negative interest rates.


At, Chuck DeVore says low tax states are benefiting from the SALT cap.


In The Hill, Kristin Tate reports millions of tax dollars fueled Bernie Sanders’ success.

In the Washington Times, Ed Feulner says now is a good time for spending restraint.


Fareed Zakaria, at The Washington Post, asks whether “The blacklisting of Huawei might be China’s Sputnik moment”

At Fortune, Jeffrey Ball details the race to build a better battery.

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