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5614811271_8ba5edc2fe_qPolicy and Government

On Fox News, Steve Moore says the terrible GDP numbers show the need for policy change.

From Cato, Steve Hanke unravels the secular stagnation story.

At, Tim Worstall defends free trade.


At, Brian Domitrovic writes Janet Yellen’s Jackson Hole speech shows the Fed isn’t quitting.

From, John Tamny says we shouldn’t blame the euro for Europe’s economic woes.

In the WSJ, Kevin Warsh explains why the Fed needs new thinking.

The WSJ says it’s time for a centennial monetary commission.


At, John Tamny encourages Donald Trump to dump some of his spending proposals that will diminish his tax cuts.


At, Steve Forbes writes Obamacare’s collapse is the big issue nobody is talking about.

On CNBC, Larry Kudlow and Howard Dean debate “Dodd-Frank for the Drug Industry”.

In the Washington Examiner, Jason Russell reports D.C. lost restaurant jobs after its minimum wage hike.

Photo Credit: Larry Johnson