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Brian Domitrovic urges President Trump not to whiff on tax cuts like Bush 41.

Politics and Government

On CNBC, Larry Kudlow says that Donald Trump inherited problems that haven’t been fixed for twenty years.

At National Review, Kevin Williamson calls Peter Navarro ‘Trump’s nutty economics professor’.

At Politico, Alex Isenstadt and Madeline Conway report President Trump’s base is starting to turn on him.

The NY Times reports former Representative Scott Garrett was nominated to be president of the Ex-Im Bank.

From, Tim Worstall hopes Scott Garrett’s Ex-Im nomination means the bank will close.

From, John Tamny explains why ‘quarterly capitalists’ are critical for prosperity.

From, Tim Worstall discusses the economic and political policy of climate change.


At Newsmax, Stephen Moore warns Donald Trump that a weak dollar means a weak presidency.


From, Brian Domitrovic urges President Trump not to whiff on tax cuts like Bush 41.

On Fox News, David Bozell encourages President Trump to lead on tax reform.

In the Daily Caller, Adam Brandon says we need more than just any tax cut.

From, Tim Worstall writes that Milton Friedman considered among his greatest mistakes (forgivable as a wartime measure) to have been creating relatively invisible tax withholding, masking the cost and pain of taxation.


In The Hill, C. Jarrett Dieterle says Trump needs to go further than executive orders on regulatory reform.

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