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California Getting Rich Off Of Money From Ohio, West Virginia…

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #282
1) California Getting Rich Off Of Money From Ohio, West Virginia…

One of our warnings against Biden’s $1.9 trillion blue state bailout was that – buoyed by rising real estate and stocks and the vaccine – state finances would be fine without Washington’s aid. Now comes this headline – shocking to anyone who hasn’t been reading the HOTLINE:

So now Governor Newsom wants to send out another $12 billion round of free money checks that he’s calling “the biggest state tax rebate in American history.” So people in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia have to pay federal taxes so that Biden can give the money to Newsom, so the governor can drop the dollars out of helicopter windows. This “free money” thing has got to stop.
2) Suspend $300 A Week Bonus UI Benefits And Use Savings To Fix Roads And Bridges

Only about six cents of every dollar in the $2 trillion Biden “infrastructure bill” is for roads and bridges.

That didn’t stop Biden chief of staff Ron Klain from lecturing Republicans: “I don’t think it’s big government to fix the ten bridges in this country that are most economically significant and are in serious” disrepair.

Sure, Ron. That’s why you’re spending 94 cents of every dollar on windmill subsidies and new Solyndra boondoggles. 

This week several Senate Republicans are meeting with the White House and offering a $560 billion “compromise” infrastructure plan.  

Here is the strategy we would recommend for the GOP: Government spending and borrowing are wildly out of control, and the GOP priority right now should be CUTTING spending and debt, not adding to it.

Any money right now for roads and bridges should be paid for by reprogramming the funds from the absurd $1.9 trillion spending bill (see above). How about suspending $300 a week unemployment benefits and using that money to pay for those broken bridges?

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