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Republicans Negotiate With Themselves (And Still Lose) On Infrastructure

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #283
1) Republicans Negotiate With Themselves (And Still Lose) On Infrastructure

There’s a reason the GOP is called the stupid party. In the midst of the biggest spending and borrowing binge in American history, and a debt that is now above 100% of our GDP, Senate Republicans are offering an $800 billion infrastructure bill.

This is the GOP’s latest counter-offer to the Biden $2 trillion plan. BTW, the previous offer on the table from the GOP was $550 billion, but after Biden told them to go fly a kite, Mitch McConnell swooped in with an $800 billion offer. Just who is he negotiating with? Himself?

The latest inflation numbers (the biggest increase in consumer prices in nearly a decade) should be a warning sign that the last thing the U.S. economy needs now is another trillion of debt. Republicans should call for an across-the-board 10-20 percent across-the-board CUT in all government spending. Instead, they are offering one of the largest public works programs in American history. So much for the Tea Party movement or the GOP’s fake allegiance to balanced budgets.

This reminds us of the late great Bob Novak’s truism that the only reason God put Republicans on this earth was to cut taxes and cut spending. Somehow, they keep forgetting that.

2) Good Jobs, Good Wages, No Takers

Biden and his White House minions are scrambling to deny the evidence that enhanced unemployment benefits are slowing the reentry of workers into the labor force and making it hard for employers to hire.

The Des Moines Register reports that Deere & Co., makers of prized farm machinery products, has a big backlog of orders. So too does Winnebago Industries and other regional manufacturers. But they can’t find enough workers to meet the current demand.

“We haven’t seen as much interest as we have in the past,” said Mark Onderick, the company’s labor relations manager in Dubuque, Iowa. “In the past, it felt like we got just flooded.”

It’s a shock that Deere can’t find people. Its starting hourly wage is $19, and it provides excellent benefits. “If Deere wants people, Deere gets people,” said Ronald Cox, director of Iowa State University’s Center for Industrial Research and Service. “People leave other companies to go work for Deere. If Deere is having problems, it’s much broader than them.”

It sure is. If Biden won’t do it, then Congress must repeal the $300 extra benefits – now.

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