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Can We Trust the New Census Numbers?

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #274
1) Can We Trust the New Census Numbers?

Has the Census Bureau been politicized by the Biden Democrats – just like everything else they touch?

We pose this question again, because yesterday we presented strong circumstantial evidence that the official Census state population totals differ so wildly from the December estimates that it doesn’t pass the smell test. Getting these numbers right is critical because they determine how many electoral college votes in the presidential election each state receives and also state apportionment of congressional seats for the U.S. House.

As the charts below show, the blue states had big upward changes from the final estimates. The red states had big downward changes. A 3 million population shift from red to blue states. How convenient.

We aren’t the only ones dazed and confused. Even the Washington Post reported yesterday that: “some states and civic organizations were reeling from unexpected results, and wondered if the differences between projections and actual data might be an indicator of problems with the count.”

Here’s one reason to be skeptical: The differences between the last estimates and the official counts in this Census were 2 to 10 times larger than in the 2010 Census.

The media suggests that the revised numbers represent a previous undercount of Hispanic voters. Then WHY, did three of the states with the largest Hispanic populations – Arizona, Florida, and Texas – LOSE population in the revisions? 

We are not going to let this sleeping dog lie. We hope our suspicions prove to be wrong, but nothing we’ve heard so far has allayed our concerns.

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