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This Explains So Much of the Past Year

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #275 
1) This Explains So Much of the Past Year

2) Why Did Uncle Sam Just Give Gavin Newsom $26 Billion?

Sacramento is experiencing a tidal wave of cash from the booming stock market.  It reminds us of what the Wall Street Journal once called the “Google surplus” – meaning the billions of windfall tax dollars the California state government collected from the Google IPO back in 2004. 
Just six months ago CA’s governor Gavin Newsom came to Washington with his tin cup in hand begging for dollars while moaning about the “economic destruction” in his state from COVID.  Never mind – his shutdowns CAUSED the destruction.
Now thanks to Operation Warp Speed, the reopening of the economy (finally), and a surging stock market (with NASDAQ defying gravity), the Golden State fiscal experts are expecting a $15 billion budget surplus for fiscal year 2022.
So why did the Biden “stimulus” bill send $26 billion of “free money” to California?  Hello. Washington is broke! This makes as much sense as asking a janitor to send Jeff Bezos a $100,000 check.
Congress should demand that American taxpayers get our money back.

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