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Coal Miners Union Comes Out Against Coal Mining

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #269
1) Coal Miners Union Comes Out Against Coal Mining

No. You didn’t misread that headline. The United Mine Workers of America union has endorsed the Biden Green New Deal. This is the bill that promises to kill coal.

This is about as dumb as the Pipefitters Union endorsing Biden for President and he repaid them by making his first act killing the Keystone pipeline.

The livelihoods of more than 50,000 coal miners just got sold down the river by their own union bosses.  Seldom have we seen a better example of the Union Bosses cutting deals with Dem politicians and slitting the wrists of their rank-and-file members.

UMWA President Cecil Roberts conceded that his union members “may lose a few more jobs here,” (ya think?) but instead of fighting against mine closings, he defended his capitulation by saying: “We’re trying to insert ourselves into this conversation because a lot of coal miners in this country and their families have suffered already some traumatic losses.” Well, Cecil, you weasel, the trauma is going to get a lot worse thanks to your Neville Chamberlain agreement with the greens
Don’t for a minute believe that shutting down American coal production will do anything to save the planet.  China is expected to build “hundreds of new coal-fired power stations over the next decade.” India, Vietnam, Indonesia are also addicted to coal as a major source of cheap power for decades to come.  For every coal plant the U.S. shuts down, the rest of the world builds 20 new ones.  Gee, that will stop global warming.

Sorry, bud: Thanks to Biden and your union, you’re Fired!

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