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Coal Saved Us

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #224
1) Coal Saved Us

We noted on Monday that the states across middle America in the path of the polar vortex’s deep freeze temperatures couldn’t use renewable energy to keep the lights and the heat on. The turbines froze and the solar panels were covered with ice and snow.

What made up the difference? The reliable energy source that the left hates the most – coal – is providing more than half of the electric power during the record-blasting frigid temperatures. About 15 times more of the power in these midwestern states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas came from coal than from wind and solar combined. Without fossil fuels providing reliable electric power, thousands of Americans might have died from the elements – as used to happen in the olden days.

Meanwhile, many other countries – from Mexico to Germany to China – are using more coal as our politicians are mandating that we use less. How does that save the planet?

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