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Stephen Moore Skewered Biden’s Stimulus Proposal at an Event Hosted by the Beacon Hill Institute

Policy and Government

Per the Boston Herald, Stephen Moore skewered Biden’s stimulus proposal at an event hosted by the Beacon Hill Institute.

At Fox News, Moore asks, why are school districts not giving taxpayers their money back?

Per, Phil Kerpen joins others in attacking Kamala Harris’ claims that the Biden administration had to start from scratch with vaccine rollout.

At Forbes (via YouTube), Steve Forbes explains why suppressing free speech is bad for the economy.

At Fox Business, Art Laffer rips Biden’s stimulus proposal.

At the Cato Institute, Alex Nowrasteh tears into a proposal by Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton that would both raise the federal minimum wage and enhance E-Verify requirements.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Jeffrey A. Tucker reminds us of the minimum wage’s eugenic roots.

At Cafe Hayek, Don Boudreaux declares that if society’s response to the pandemic has been sane, then he is insane.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Jordan Schachtel admonishes Andrew Cuomo for his handling of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes.

At the Cato Institute, Ryan Bourne reminds us why price gouging is a good thing.

Free Trade

At the Cato Institute, Simon Lester argues that rebates for consumers who buy American are just as bad as tariffs.

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

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