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Coalition Opposes Re-Regulating Railroads.

Policy and Government

Donald J. Boudreaux praises Freedom.

Mental Floss, reprising a post at Quora by Oliver Emberton, explains the mind-boggling sophistication of the software behind the deceptively simple looking “I am not a robot” checkbox CAPTCHA.

Politico Magazine‘s Michael Grunwald reveals how the 30% plunge in the past year, on the heels of an 85% plunge over the past decade, in the cost of storing electricity “has the potential to transform how we produce and consume power, creating more flexible and resilient electricity systems with less waste, lower costs and fewer emissions.” having the “… potential to accelerate the already explosive growth of renewable energy—and that will have political implications.”

3M shows scars from trade war.


In the WSJ, Jeremy Siegel says Stephen Moore would help solve the Fed’s groupthink problem.

Norbert Michel, at, says that “If we are going to have a central bank – and we’re stuck with the Fed for now, like it or not – it would be much better to require the bank to strive for neutrality than to ask it to constantly do things that it should not do (stabilizing prices at either “low” or zero inflation is not a good idea) and things that it cannot do (creating maximum employment, moderating interest rates, stabilizing financial markets, etc.)”


From CEI: Committee to Unleash Prosperity opposes re-regulating railroads.

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