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Benko: Stephen Moore’s populism triggers the horror of the elitists who dominate politics

Policy and Government

Director Kudlow: The U.S. economy is at the beginning of a prosperity cycle.

In the Washington Times, Ed Feulner gives the antidote to poverty.

At Fox News, Andy Puzder discusses Bernie Sanders’ hypocrisy on socialism.

George Gilder, via the Discovery Institute, on AI and the Return of the Marxist Utopia.

Visual Capitalist provides a glimpse of the Top 30 cities, of which DC ranks #21.

Rod Dreher at The American Conservative reveals how “woke capitalism” is an Orwellianism for totalitarianism inserted into big business through the HR departments.

John Tamny discusses fracking and free markets.


In Townhall, Ralph Benko calls Stephen Moore “Trump’s most consequential nominee,” saying that “Moore’s populism is the real trigger of the horror of the elitists who dominate our politics. Donald Trump’s historical stature as a populist and as a president may hang from the thread of Moore’s confirmation battle.”

On ABC This Week, Fed designee Stephen Moore tells ABC news anchor George Stephanopoulis that he regrets his lame humor columns of yesteryear but that the focus should be on his economic expertise.  National Economic Policy director Kudlow reiterates White House support.

Deroy Murdock at NR lays out a comprehensive case for why Stephen Moore is a good choice for Fed governor.

Nathan Lewis at makes the case for his “Magic Formula” of low taxes and stable money (the gold standard being optimal), for providing an authentic conservative solution to income inequality and for uplifting a struggling working class to middle class affluence.

Jeffrey Snider, the Chief Investment Strategist of Alhambra Investment Partners, at RealClearMarkets calls for a new Bretton Woods international agreement to avert global monetary anarchy.


Stephen Moore reiterates his opposition to a carbon tax.


Steve Forbes: Rich people should not receive your tax dollars to buy electric vehicles.

Jason Pye: Congress needs to cut more than just discretionary spending.


Bret Swanson, at AEIdeas, describes how the US has jumped to an early lead in 5G Wireless but needs to fill one hole if momentum is to be sustained.


Iain Marlow at Bloomberg reports that India under Modi has slipped further behind China. “Beijing has continued to outspend India on defense, implemented sweeping reforms in its military and diplomatic structures, and built strategic infrastructure in India’s backyard — not to mention providing arch-rival Pakistan with defense technology.”

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