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Committee to Unleash Prosperity Rolls Out Six-Figure Initial Ad Buy

Inside-The-Beltway Ad Illustrates the Dangers of Drug Price-Setting Schemes

Committee to Unleash Prosperity Rolls Out Six-Figure Initial Ad BuyGovernment Price Controls Will Endanger Our Health and Make Supply Chain Problems Worse

Today, the Committee to Unleash Prosperity (CTUP), an organization committed to restoring American exceptionalism, launched an initial six-figure ad buy calling for the permanent and immediate end to all government restrictions, lockdowns, and mandates related to Covid.  The continuation or introduction of price controls on everything from groceries to energy to drugs and medical treatments should be rejected.

Steve Moore, co-founder of the CTUP, said: “Government rules are stalling our economic recovery, making inflation worse, and hurting American workers and businesses with no offsetting benefit and they must end in Washington and across the states.  Politicians continue to push regulations and orders that threaten our nation’s pandemic recovery and weaken our healthcare system.  Price controls are bad for American’s health: they always lead to reduced access to life-saving drugs, rationing, and a delay in bringing new treatments to market. 

Unleash Prosperity Hotline


1155 15th St NW, Ste 525
Washington, DC 20005