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Conservative Critiques Of Twitter Sound Very Liberal

By John Tamny

Excerpt from

By now most everyone knows that Twitter chose to block the sharing of the Post article which further confirmed what everyone with a pulse knew about Joe Biden’s son.

Though it’s nominally open to all comers, Twitter, like any business, implicitly or explicitly reserves the right to refuse service or use to anyone. So while it’s disappointing that the site would disallow the sharing of the Post’s enhanced revelation about Biden, that’s its right.

It’s similarly the right of Amazon AMZN-2% to spike a movie by conservative theorist Shelby Steele, as is it the right of Google GOOG-2.4% to fiddle with searches for the Great Barrington Declaration.

At the same time, it’s the right of conservatives to take their eyeballs elsewhere. Which in the past is what conservatives would have said. If a business is offending its users, the slights represent a market opportunity. Wasn’t Fox News a market response to news reporting that was heavily left leaning? Readers know the answer.

The same answer should apply to Twitter, Amazon, and Google. If they’re favoring the left, they’re making an economic decision that potentially imperils their long-term viability. So rather than Republicans cheered on by conservatives using the threat of government force to allegedly achieve affirmative treatment from technologists who swing left, why not let markets sort things out?

Photo Credit Marcela Palma

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