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September Unemployment By State

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Issue #140
1) September Unemployment By State
Congrats again to Governors Ricketts and Noem!
2) Biden’s Spending Blitz Would Double Middle-Class Taxes
Joe Biden is running around the country trying to reassure middle-class voters that he will “cut their taxes,” and that his multi-trillion dollar tax hike will only hit those with an income under $400,000. 

But a new study by the James Madison Institute in Florida reveals that the Biden-Harris economic plan has so much spending that it could cost $30 trillion over the next decade. The major cost item is the health care plan that widely expands government coverage. His green energy plan would also add $2 trillion of costs. 

In the report titled “US Presidential Economic Analysis Battleground States 2020,” JMI breaks down the additional taxes per state this would require over the next 10 years:
Florida — $9,389 per resident and $37,556 family of four.
Michigan — $8,142 / $32,556 family of four.
Ohio — $12,299 / $49,197 family of four.
Pennsylvania — $10,605 / $42,419 family of four.
Wisconsin — $9,020 / $36,078 family of four.
According to government budget expert Donna Arduin, “Biden’s saying he’s not raising middle-class taxes, but the bill for all of this spending could only be paid for by eventually doubling the middle-class tax burden of every family in these battleground states.

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