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Democrats Are Pleading With Republicans To Help Them Raise The Debt Ceiling

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #356
1) Democrats Are Pleading With Republicans To Help Them Raise The Debt Ceiling

The chart below from the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget shows how much the Democrats intend to add to the national debt over the next decade. We think this is an undercount, but even still the debt as a share of GDP rises to its highest level in American history. 

Under the Senate budget rules, called “reconciliation,” Democrats have made no secret of their intention to pass their $3.5 trillion welfare bill through the House and Senate without a single Republican vote. 

But here’s the catch: they will soon thereafter have to authorize a multi-trillion dollar increase in the debt ceiling. Now they are trying to pressure Republicans to “do the right thing,” and agree to the debt extension for spending that not a single GOP member will have voted for. Is that chutzpah, or what?

Economist Alan Blinder writes in the Wall Street Journal that Republicans are trying to “weaponized the debt ceiling” which could “force the government into default” on the bonds and cause a financial crisis. This is like saying that if a bank won’t extend your line of credit, they are to blame for your financial troubles.

No, Alan, the impending financial crisis and the risk of higher interest rates is due to the out-of-control spending and the massive debt itself – which the Biden Democrats are hell-bent on making $6 trillion worse.

We will say it again: Republicans would be the biggest fools on the hill to lend even one single vote to help Democrats raise the debt ceiling. Come election day, this vote to raise the debt ceiling will be a scarlet letter on the lapel of every Democrat in the House and Senate who has enabled this catastrophic and unconscionable multi-trillion dollar raid on the treasury. THEY OWN IT!

2) My How The Mighty Have Fallen

Yes, we know that things look bleak right now for America, but look at the bright side. The four most important Democrats in the country are all in free fall:

– New York governor Andrew Cuomo has resigned in disgrace.
– California Governor Gavin Newsom is facing a recall and could be ousted from office in a month.
– President Joe Biden has been exposed as completely incompetent; he’s underwater on his approval rating, and even some Democrats are whispering about the 25th Amendment option to get rid of him.
– Meanwhile, the heir to the throne, Kamala Harris is about the most reviled person in America – even by the folks in the White House.

Time to bring in the Junior Varsity team.


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