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Director Kudlow: Stephen Moore won the battle of ideas.

Policy and Government

The Washington Post reports that unemployment fell in April to 3.9%, the lowest since 1969, with the economy adding 263,000 jobs, beating expectations. “The United States has more job openings than unemployed people, a situation some economists call ‘full employment’ since most job seekers are able to land a job.”


Director Kudlow: Stephen Moore won the battle of ideas.

Stephen Moore: I thought my Fed nomination would be about my economic ideas, not my divorce and my sense of humor.

Stephen Moore: The Left couldn’t beat me on my economic ideas.

Trump Fed Pick Stephen Moore Calls MMT Among ‘Stupidest’ Ideas He’s Heard.

NY Sun: Trump should nominate Judy Shelton in place of Stephen Moore.

At, Nathan Lewis lays out the political path towards a gold standard.


Donald Lambro: Tax cuts continue to boost economic growth.

Nine Line Apparel co-founder Tyler Merritt explains how President Trump’s tax cuts helped his business.

The Hill discusses Joe Biden’s lie regarding the Trump tax cuts.

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