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Director Kudlow: We’re killing it on the economy!

Policy and Government

Director Kudlow: We’re killing it on the economy!

Director Kudlow cheers on U.S. economy after historic jobs report.

Piers Morgan: Trump could win in a landslide if the economy keeps booming.

Newt Gingrich celebrates President Trump’s supply-side boom.

NY Times discusses ‘the economic boom that wasn’t supposed to happen.’


Prof. Brian Domitrovic, at Forbes.comconcludes that Stephen Moore’s critics acquitted themselves poorly.

At Fortune, Josh Hammer and Todd J. Stein point the finger at the Fed for income inequality.

From American Thinker, Monica Showalter laments the smear campaign against Stephen Moore.

John Tamny dismisses the idea that the Fed is infallible.


Director Kudlow corrects the record on Biden’s tax remarks.

Scott Walker: Tax cuts are putting people to work.


Allan Golombek says the $2 trillion stimulus package is DOA.

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