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Earnest Christian declares the VAT scare a hoax.

5487196499_cf53a33ff9_qPolitics and Government

At Real Clear Markets, John Chapman says the economy is what really matters to voters.

From, Norbert Michel debunks Obama’s misguided solution to Puerto Rico’s Keynesian crisis.

In the WSJ, Gerald O’Driscoll Jr. evaluates the chance of a global meltdown.


In the NY Times, Eduardo Porter writes King Dollar keeps rising.

At the WaPo’s Wonkblog, Matt O’Brien says The Federal Reserve May Have Made A Huge Mistake

In the Washington Post, Ylan Mui reports market turmoil has raised doubts about interest rate hikes.

At FT, Robin Wigglesworth writes talk of Fed policy error is growing.


At, Travis Brown discusses GE’s exodus from Connecticut.

From Investor’s Business Daily, Earnest Christian declares the VAT scare a hoax.

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