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The Tax Foundation finds that the Clinton, Sanders tax plans will lower wages and shrink the economy

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At The Pulse, Ralph Benko says Trump Flinches From the Final Pre-Iowa Debate: Is Trump ducking a Cruz haymaker?

Professor John Taylor debunks the secular stagnation argument.

At, John Tamny tells the presidential candidates that corporations don’t sit on their exes cash.


The Tax Foundation finds that Hillary Clinton’s tax plan will result in lower wages and cost over 300,000 jobs.

The Tax Foundation reports that Bernie Sanders tax plan will shrink the economy, and worker paychecks, by 10%.


At CNBC, Larry Kudlow believes the Fed is freaked out right now.

In the Washington Post, Ylan Mui reports the Fed leaves rates unchanged.


From, Avik Roy reports the CBO has slashed Obamacare enrollment projections by 8 million.

Photo Credit: Harald Dettenborn

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