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Evanston, IL Approves Reparations; Is Your Town Next?

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #251
03/26/2021, 03/27/2021, 03/28/2021
1) Evanston, IL Approves Reparations; Is Your Town Next?

OK, we’re done laughing at nutty left wing ideas.  

Why? Because many of the progressive’s most ludicrous theories and shakedowns are coming to pass under this president and Congress and by local Democratic lawmakers across the country.

This headline from CBS News is the latest example:

The Evanston City Council voted 8-1 to distribute $10 million over the next 10 years with the distribution of $400,000(!) to eligible Black households. The funds are to compensate black families for past housing discrimination policies in Evanston dating back to 1919. About 60% of Evanston residents are white and about 18% are black. 

So under this scheme, white, black, and Hispanic households who have only recently moved into Evanston will have to pay a reparations tax to the grandchildren and even great grandchildren of black homeowners who suffered injustices 50, 60, and even 100 years ago. Brilliant.      

The move by Evanston, the Chicago Tribune reports, “comes as hundreds of communities and organizations across the country are considering  providing reparations.”   

By one estimate a national reparations bill would cost roughly $1 trillion. Don’t be surprised if this madness finds its way into the next multi-trillion spending bill.
2) Speaking of Racism – More Evidence that Dems Failed Black America

There has been some pushback on our reporting earlier this week that Democratic governors did a much, much worse job of keeping minorities safe from the virus than Republican governors. 

We felt vindicated seeing top Harvard infectious disease epidemiologist Matin Kulldorff make the same observation we did about the impact of lockdowns on minorities. In California under Gov. Newsom, Hispanics represent roughly 40% of the population but account for 55% of the deaths. In New York under Cuomo’s “leadership,” blacks and Hispanics together represent about one-third of the population but account for nearly half of the deaths.   

In Florida under DeSantis, not only are age-adjusted overall deaths lower, but the percentage of total deaths that were blacks or Hispanics was proportionate to their overall percentage of the population. 

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