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Friday Highlights: Judy Shelton praises Centennial Monetary Commission; John Tamny says everything you hear about Fed’s exit strategy is wrong; Yglesias praises Klobuchar’s question to Bernanke

Politics and Government

Yglesias at Slate praises Klobuchar’s question to Bernanke at recent hearing

From Forbes, Steve Forbes calls for an IRS hiring freeze.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore criticizes “Richard Milhous Obama”

Mitch McConnell believes we have scratched the surface of the IRS scandal

On Politico, Mike Allen writes DC is turning on President Obama.

Progress of the Immigration reform bill through the Senate Judiciary Committee: , House passage uncertain.

Monetary Reform

In The WSJ, Judy Shelton praises Congressman Brady’s Centennial Monetary Commission.

In, John Tamny states everything you hear about the Fed’s exit strategy is wrong.

In, Nathan Lewis praises the gold standard as something all classical economists agree on

At FX Street, Ralph Benko discusses The Sound Dollar Act and the Centennial Monetary Commission

In Forbes, Ralph Benko praises Rand Paul, Cato Institute, and Prof’ Richard Timberlake’s new book, Constitutional Money as a broader libertarian moment.

AT TGSN, Ralph Benko says Bitcoin is Fool’s Gold, here and here.


From Forbes, John Tamny argues the IRS non-scandal calls for a national sales tax.


At The WSJ, Stephen Moore describes the Democrats’ Keystone problem.

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