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Politics and Government

In, John Tamny says Apple CEO Tim Cook pounds another nail into the Keynesian coffin. Also on Forbes, John Tamny writes Graydon Carter was a great magazine man, but a poor wall street analyst.

On FT, Edward Luce believes Larry Summers has an edge in the race to head the Federal Reserve.

On Fox Business David Stockman discusses his book “The Great Deformation:

From Fox Business, Ben Stein asks if the White House Scandals are Watergate all over again.

At Bloomberg, Ramesh Ponnuru argues President Obama has a dangerous contempt for the Rule of Law

Monetary Reform

In, Ralph Benko writes ‘everything I know about good economic policy I learned from Mother Teresa’.


At Reuters, Corrie MacLaggan reports Texas legislators have sent Governor Perry $1 billion in proposed business tax cuts.


At Fox Business, Linda Stein explains why pension funds are eating your 401(k)’s lunch.