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Friday News: Kevin Brady outlines what cuts grow the economy

Politics and Government

On National Review Online, Kevin Brady outlines what kinds of cuts grow the economy.
At Forbes, Capitol Flows writes as country club Republicans link up with the Democratic ruling class, millions of voters are orphaned. 
In Forbes, Ralph Benko discusses how to rescue the GOP from the grave Karl Rove is digging for them. 
Larry Kudlow says the sequester is not armageddon. 

Monetary Reform
Dr. Jin Zhongxia, Head of the Research Institute at the People’s Bank of China, presents a very lucid paper in London as to why the dollar will remain the superreserve currency for a long time (with the euro, the pound, the yen and the renimbi as subsidiary reserve currencies)
“The dollar’s global dominance reflects ‘U.S. economic, financial and military power,’ Jin said, and the currency has resilience to economic shocks that other key currencies, such as the euro, don’t have….”
Benn Steil and Dinah Walker deliver a haymaker punch to NGDP targeting.
At Forbes, Brian Domitrovic states the weak dollar is getting caught in a currency war pincer. 
Detlev Schlicter asks is there is an end to quantitative easing? 
From TGSN, Ralph Benko writes on China, Gold and the “Boom of the Century”. 
At The Atlantic, Matthew O’Brien explains why Virginia wants a back-up gold currency. 
In The WSJ, Jon Hilsenrath and Victoria McGrane say The Fed is split over how long to keep the spigot open. 
On The WSJ, Michael Derby writes economists are worried the US may face a financial catastrophe unless spending is reigned in. 
On Forbes, Brett Joshpe says just say no to state pension bailouts. 
In Fox Illinois, Benjamin Yount describes a new Illinois pension reform proposal. 

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