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Tuesday Update- John Mueller and Lewis Lehrman on fiscal fitness for the GOP; Brian Domitrovic says lend Virginia courage as it goes for gold; Steve Forbes on the anniversary of the income tax and Federal Reserve

Politics and Government

On TGSN, Lewis Lehrman praises Virginia for considering gold as currency. 
In The WSJ, Kevin Brady and Lewis Lehrman articulate a Lincolnian Economic Primer for Obama.
From Forbes, Peter Ferrara criticizes President Obama’s State of Disunion. 
At Town Hall, Larry Kudlow calls President Obama’s speech a “No-Growth State of the Union”. 
Steve Forbes details the two awful anniversaries of 2013: The Income Tax and The Federal Reserve 
Monetary Reform
At Forbes, Brian Domitrovic says lend Virginia courage as it goes for gold.
From Forbes, Charles Kadlec states Virginia House sets the stage for bipartisam monetary reform. Also on Forbes, Kadlec says President Obama challenges the GOP with a growth standard. 
In The Weekly Standard, John Mueller and Lewis Lehrman write on obtaining fiscal fitness in the Republican Party. 
Detlev Schlichter writes on the manipulation of interest rates. 
In Reuters, Jan Strupczewski writes on Russia’s supply side agenda ahead of the G20 Summit. 
247 Wall Street reports central banks bought the most gold since 1964. 

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